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About me

  • About me

    Heyy, I'm Sabrina my friends call me Surreal...Not sure whys. I'm sweet, funny caring and of course sc3n3...or thats how my emo gang had labeled me. My pet has a name. His name is fish. Fisherz is older than me he is 18 and also attending my high school. Fish if you are reading this we <3 youu! Fisherzz is a great guy and one awesome friend. And well I hate haters, posers, wannabes...CHEERLEADERS.....Well have to dash. So byee byee xoxoxo <33333
  • Music

    screamo, rock, hard rock, metal, pop (its okaysss)


    um..dont watch muchh tv sorry loves
  • Lifestyle

    um..I ride horses, design scene clothing. Talk to everyone. Make friends wherever i go. And um...huggles people!!


    track was all i enjoyed
  • Arts

    clay design, drafting, woods, and clothing


    umm. Woof-wooff


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